ocean music's wake: three songs

Ocean Music is a four-piece band hailing from both American Coasts. Born as the solo songwriting project of New York-based multidisciplinary artist and healer Richard Aufrichtig, Ocean Music has since evolved into into a raucous live band that delivers a blustering maelstrom which has been described by music critics as “an explosive update on Replacements-Pixies-Van Morrison" and "full of cathedreal beauty." 

 The intimate songs of Ocean Music’s first two records—self-titled (2014) and Songs From the City (2016)—have come to occupy a more expansive musical universe composed of pulsating rhythms, crashing waves of guitars, and warbling synthesizers that manage to turn the acoustic elegies of a lone troubadour into full-throated rhapsody.

Alex contributes drums to Wake: Three Songs. Ocean Music's first full-length album featuring Alex will be released 2018.

tica douglas' our lady...

Tica Douglas is a singer-songwriter from Portland, Maine now based in Queens.

Armed with words that are both elegiac and healing, a voice that swells with ethereal grit, and a mind concerned with new ways of meaning-making, Tica offers their perspective as a divinity scholar and queer non-binary person navigating the realms of life, love, and loss in their newest album, Our Lady Star Of The Sea Help And Protect Us.

Alex contributes drums and trumpet to Our Lady...

david baloche's labyrinth

Alex co-wrote and contributed guitar to the final song on David Baloche's album Labyrinth, titled "My Help Comes From The Lord".